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  • shidarin
    Posts: 11
    After our campaign took a short break, we're back playing and I got started on finishing off the encounter pages I use while DMing.

    I've got my monstercards on DM tools ( and my previous encounters looked like this:

    This used the following textile to get the monster cards right aligned:


    Now, if I create a new page with the same textile OR edit an old page, it looks like this:

    At first I tried a bunch of different things to try and fix it, then I thought maybe obsidianportal was having formatting problems and gave it a few days.

    But, it's still doing that so now here I am... asking for help.
  • autumnschild
    Posts: 153
    Weird. I'm not sure what would cause that. You say the code for allignment is identical between the two pages?
  • shidarin
    Posts: 11
    Yes, and if I edit and save one of my old pages (without touching anything even), it will go from looking right to looking wrong.

    Some notes:

    I'm on OSX and this happens on Firefox 3.5 and Safari 4, Linux Firefox 2.0, and I haven't tried it on PC yet.
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