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  • Legund
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    Hello everyone my real name is John and I have been playing D&D for 20 + years. I started from the Original Box Set with the cheesy little plastic blue dice and everything. I am an oldschooler, I have never bought into the 3.5 stuff, never liked Battle Systems, I guess I'm the old horse.
    But My Imagination is not in any way lacking. As Dungeon Master I have drifted away from the standard fair D&D, and created an entirely new world complete with it's own Combat Physics, Spell Engines, And PC Classes. The concept that drives my new combat system is Speed of Movement. My Spell and Attribute Tables are far from Standard, with tons of Home Made spells and a collection of the most useful and deadly spells ever created by AD&D. Attribute changes include but are not limited to the addition of Speed, and the replacement of Charisma and Comeliness with Presence. I have opened up the possibility for multi faceted PCs with the introduction of the concepts of Subclasses and Training. My intention is to attempt to actually deliver what D&D originally promised the inspired player. A game where the only limits are, the Imagination of the Hero, and the DM.
    In My World there is need for detectives and spies to slip through the cover 2 worlds, Gods, Demons, and a Host of Heroes (Some of which are quite unlikely ones). Are you worthy?
    Here’s the catch. My World and My Story are mine, to simply put it. I do not want anyone to steal it from me. So I WILL NOT BE POSTING IT IN PART OR IN FULL ON THE INTERNET! I am not a fool! If anyone profits on my creation it should be me.
    So I am looking for local players who do not mind picking up a Character that they did not personally create. And trust me I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND why you should be very wary of my intentions. And I realize that nothing I can say should have the power to convince you that I am genuine. Just like in D&D there are real monsters out there.
    With that said I do not want to meet anywhere other than Barns and Noble Book Store. They have a nice location where people can be themselves and just chat in private or in a group. Hopefully this bit about my life can help to convince you that meeting in a public place, has limited risk associated with it. I am 41 years old and have been married to my lovely wife for nearly half of my life. I have 2 children who are not only my world, they are amateur players them selves. Due to illness my wife is bed ridden and well to be honest I really need an Intellectual pursuit. D&D has been my choice for a creative outlet for a very long time.
    Please do not respond if you are not up to the challenges of a very professional Dungeon Master who does now all the rules (cause he wrote them) and does know everything about the World(s) that you will experience (once again, he created them). I am not a tyrant however. The adventure that I have created is no cake walk, by any stretch of the imagination. A wrong move can easily lead to the death of a pivotal character in the party(s). Stealth should be preferred over combat. Parley is pivotal; your job if you take it will be to extrude information from sometimes hostile opponents or even other parties. The name of this game is stay alive long enough to foil the plans of some very evil folks, and to learn how to stop them.

    Only if you are interested in learning more, first email me at [email protected]. If I sense a genuine player I will respond in kind. Please title your email “Terig Adventure” Because Terig is the name of my world and it will assist me in sorting you from all the crap junkmail I receive,and mass delete.
    Peace be with you
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    While we try to be welcoming, I'm not sure you're in the right place. We don't have a player matching service (yet), and part of the goal of this website is to (freely) publish your tabletop RPG adventures. So, if you're not looking to make it public, you won't find much utility here.

    If you want help with your own game system and world, you might do well at "The Forge": They can offer lots of advice on game mechanics and world creation.
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