• RajAgainstTheMachine
    Posts: 6
    Hi, all.

    Just wanted to point out our campaign world: Annoril. It's a homebrew campaign setting for D&D 4e that we've been playing for over a year now. We have a lot of player- and GM-contributed content on our site and it's updated constantly with new information as our game progresses (we play weekly). There's a lot of combat and political intrigue as the PCs attempt to stop the Cult of Tiamat from executing a dastardly plan.

    Please check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks!

  • autumnschild
    Posts: 153
    Thanks for the scoop, Raj!

    I will take a look. I love it when political intrigue shows up to a party!

    Good Gaming,
  • RajAgainstTheMachine
    Posts: 6

    Just thought I'd post a link to our campaign site seeing as how I forgot to do so in my previous post. Enjoy!
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