• Maethalion
    Posts: 3

    I'd like to submit my 4E Farlanthia campaign for consideration.

    It is a D&D 4E campaign, set in a Celtic/Arthurian/Fey setting. I really try to bring out the Fey-ness that 4E brought into the 'generic' campaign setting. The campaign is a successor to my original d20 Norse campaign that took the PCs from level 3 -> 20 and they changed the world in the process. Now, the second campaign is set in the world that the players created prior but 1000 years later. The Old PCs are, of course, lvl30 immortals in the new campaign, and it's really interesting to see how their decisions have impacted the game world.

    There is a ton of background information and player-written stories, so check out the wiki.

  • autumnschild
    Posts: 153
    Oh I love it when the actions of PCs from a previous game spill into the current game world! Thanks for the tip, Maethalion! I'll take a look at your campaign :)

    Good Gaming,

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