At World's End


  • PenguinTamer
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    I am the DM for the campaign At World's End, and would like to submit this campaign for a spot-light. Our group runs weekly and I update it at least once a week, adding adventure summaries for each session, as well as posting the session chat log (our group plays on the virtual tabletop, Maptools). Not only that, but as the players progress I add pages devoted to the places they've been, the people they met and the things they've learned. This campaign is using D&D 4th edition, the setting, however, is homebrew (save for the occasional theft of names and such from literature, but who doesn't do that?)
  • autumnschild
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    Haha, it's better than what I do for names. I end up coming up with names on the spot, and they begin to rhyme with other characters. In one campaign, I have Meldora, the priestess of Melora, who is also the daughter of Celdora.

    Anyway, Thanks for the tip! I'll look over your site and see what delights lie in wait for me.

    Good Gaming,

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