Textile editor not working properly...

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  • Samaelryn
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    In both Firefox and Google Chrome, when I go to any editor box without using the WYSIWYG editor, the buttons that used to display are listed as a normal unordered list with just text. Internet Explorer, not surprisingly, doesn't even display the list.. And also generates two Internet Explorer Add-on Installer UAC dialogs for me to install Flash when I already have it installed.. The same as Facebook has been doing since the Flash virus started there... So while IE is actually more visually appealing since it doesn't generate a long vertical unordered list, having to click through two UAC warnings on *every single page* is... quite annoying.

    I am not able to test any other browsers right now, but I can take a look in Safari on Monday, when I have access to a Mac.
  • autumnschild
    Posts: 153
    Hi Samaelryn,

    What version of IE are you running? Have you tried upgrading? Unfortunately, if this is an error or problem with the browser, then we can't really help you except to say that you should always try to have the latest updates installed for whatever browser you're using, and that you should have any official OS updates installed to help rid yourself of those buggy UAC messages.

    Yay for run-on sentences!
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