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  • Sorsha
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    As the forum title says, thought I would take a moment to to introduce myself. I've been a gamer for.... oh.... 12... going on 13 years now? Before that I was just a book reader full of imagination looking for an outlet. "I got betta!!"

    First game was Ravenloft with a bunch of guys who though it would be hysterical to make me a Paladin. Suffice to say, it still qualifies as one of the worst gaming experiences of my life and I swore I would never play D&D again. Well, obviously that's behind me now after my best friends about 8 year or so ago convinced me I should give it another try. Thankfully I did and have had some great Rogue/Thief characters come about from it.

    My games of choice fall under Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Post-Apocolypse, Horror... hhmm.. did I miss anything? Coolest gaming stuff I have to my credit right now is getting to play-test the Serenity RPG (only the DM got his name in the book, though; lucky) and Battlestar Galactica where my name's actually listed as a play-tester. Good times :-)

    Some of my favorite and most memorable games have been Vampire: The Masquerade (the original), Basic D&D, and Shadowrun: The All Girls Show (details found in the Tangent forums).

    Most recent games are a first edition AD&D game and... Robotech. Playing each once a week with the same group of people I've been gaming with most of my gaming life thus far.

    I currently do not have any plans to run games as I don't believe I have the coordination to keep up with all the char's and the plot and the stuff at the same time, but certainly enjoy playing in them. Like this site seems to be geared toward, I whole heartly believe it's "all of the RP". This has not only lead to numerous fun games, but dear lord have I pissed people off with my char's doing things just to add to the story . I can't help it, really!! If I have to self sacrifice to add to the story or pick the pocket of random magician 4002 and just HAPPEN to steal his Deck of Many Things... well, he should know better than to be carrying that kind of stuff around!!

    Can't help it that I always find the random magic items

    So as they say in Aladdin, "Enough about you, what about her? The eyes.. the lips... pick a feature!"

    What's up with you folks?
  • Micah
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    I always get so angry when I hear horror stories about first RPG experiences. For some reason, certain anti-social psychos think it's their job to continue the stigma that surrounds us all. Newbs are some of my favorite players because they're not jaded yet and just want to please. Besides, they quickly come to resemble those who they play with. Teach them well and you have a lifelong gaming friend.

    Anyways, welcome to Obsidian Portal. Even if you're not running the game, try to get your DM/GM to sign up. It really is great to have a place to organize all your campaign material. Send a friend invite to your'll be doing them a favor!

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