Maps - Non-Google Maps?

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  • bluea
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    The google maps part is cool now - and looks like it will rock with markers, five maps, etc.

    But... lots of games have lots of cheesy maps running around also. They don't need markers, zooming, or panning - just a home. My practically brand new campaign has an 'overview of world' map. A village map, and soon to add a second village. Those all might be worth working into the google map thing. But we have "A map off a dead bandit" and "A map sketched in a journal" - ignoring the map of inns, castles, dungeons and caverns thus far.

    I can understand that bandwidth is an issue - I don't have a problem hosting the images elsewhere. But the map _page_ would be an ideal spot for those images to coalesce. A checkbox: "Do you want to make this map pan-and-scannable?". Then just a Name/Link/Thumbnail - similar to what a current google-map displays - would rock.
  • Micah
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    It's a good idea. I'll think about it.

    We hope to have a general-purpose document repository for this sort of stuff. Storage for images, PDFs, whatever.

    Otherwise, we're almost ready to roll out our premium accounts which will have pretty much unlimited storage for maps. That's always an option too...
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