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  • riznagan
    Posts: 5
    You've probably already thought of this. Each user having a profile page with basic info. Not like a MySpace-type page or anything but just stuff like:

    Actual Name
    Where They Live
    1st RPG played
    All the RPGs they've ever played
    Favorite RPGs
    Other Interests

    They wouldn't have to fill in all of them, just the ones they want to share.

    Thanks in advance.
  • Micah
    Posts: 894
    This has been on the list since the beginning :) We just never seem to get to it with everything else we're working on. Maybe I can bump up the priority a little.
  • MythicParty
    Posts: 78
    I'd like to have a {small} sig- just enough space for a line or two of text.
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