Time Zone Based Time Stamps

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  • Galvor
    Posts: 4
    I noticed that I got a PM that has a time stamp in the future. Initially I assumed that the developers are just so amazing that they know what my players are going to say before they say it! Until I noticed that some other folks in the forums had similar time stamp issues: http://forums.obsidianportal.com/forums/5/topics/773?page=1#posts-4673

    SO... it looks like what I really wanted was to ask for a time zone setting for my account so that when I log in I can see time stamps that are easier to translate.

    Any help that can be provided here could ease the mental stress on this poor old DM.
  • Mowgli
    Posts: 24
    I second this request! (Thanks to Galvor for getting this where it needs to be . . .)
  • DireHammer
    Posts: 21
    Yes, please yes. I hate having to figure out what was posted when.
  • Mowgli
    Posts: 24
    Hey! Thought I chime in on this one again since it hasn't seen much movement. Any other responses about the Time Zone setting for accounts?
  • autumnschild
    Posts: 153
    I replied, but I did it in the future :( You'll have to wait until linear time catches up and it gets posted.

    Sorry for that!
  • Mowgli
    Posts: 24
    We're coming up on two weeks in the future now (from your last response) - apparently linear time isn't actually going to catch up with your reply . . .

    Any clues as to if/when this will be added?
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