Character sheet templates - HOW? WHERE???!


Hi - please help. I know how to use HTML, CSS and Java (a bit) but I can't find anyplace to do anything with that regarding character sheet templates. I can go see the templates that exist now and I have read the entire article regarding them but I still cannot find anyplace that will allow me to apply them - actually put one on my campaign site for use.




  • Kallak
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    DST usage will be on the character create/edit screen. Check out this help article if you aren't seeing that.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • DM_Dennis
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    Thanks but that's not the problem. I want to know how to take new templates that other people have created and apply them so they are available for use.

  • thaen
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    @DM_Dennis, welcome!

    On this page:

    Currently D&D 5E only has 4 "Approved" DSTs.  Those are the ones that the DST creator has said are ready to use, and have been checked and approved by us.

    The others that are marked "New" have only been started by the DST creator, and they haven't asked us to assess them yet.  (If I remember right, they would have a Status of "Submitted" or "Updated" if they were pending approval by us.)

    So the not "Approved" ones likely are only half done or have bugs that the DST creator is still working out.  However, if you still want to use one in particular for some reason, you could create a "New" DST of your own, and then go copy the CSS, HTML, JavaScript from the one you want to use, and paste it into your new blank one.  Then you will see all 4 of the "Approved" DSTs, as well as your own "New" DST available in your Campaigns to use.

    Let me know if I'm not making sense.


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