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11 days ago I had A James Bond Dream and I was wondering something. If I converted it into A Adventure for either The Traveller RPG or The James Bond RPG what would be the best way to run it?. Here's what I remember and a few things that I think may be relevant if converted into RPG's

Bond escaped the enemies temporary hideout and he was lucky enough to have made the split-second choice to take something that could be used as evidence, but what he didn't know was that the thing he had taken was so vital to the enemies plans that no matter what it couldn't be destroyed, ideally it couldn't be damaged and if need be rather then risk its destruction they would rather risk him getting away with it and try to get it back at a later date

So what would be the best way to run in a encounter that takes place at sea, or in space if in Traveller RPG, in which The Enemy had 6 Stolen Heavy Frigates, that each mass at least 5,400 tons in Traveller RPG, complete with live ammo and at least 2 missiles each, prototype Tech Level 14 super heavy nuclear torpedoes in Traveller RPG, in which the characters only have A 7 seater armed and armoured very fast Speed Boat, in Traveller RPG it would be A prototype 400 ton heavily armed and very heavily armoured Scoutship with Thrust 5 and Jump 4 that the bad guys had stolen and The Pcs initial mission was to steal back

What is more due to how vital the thing The Pcs have stolen is to their plans the badguys are ensuring that none of their shots, laser beams and missiles in Traveller RPG, come close and are trying to make it look like only reason their missing The Pcs is because most if not all of the enemies that are above shots, in Traveller RPG this would be all enemies with A DM of +4 or better, are either doing shore-leave in the enemies base or aren't able to get to the guns, weapons turrets in Traveller RPG, in time

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    Any option to get a "friendly" NPc on board? Someone who can "warn" the PCs away from the trap/ambush as a way to gain trust. They could then steal the item later.

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