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I'm looking to change the words displayed for the default OP navigation bar. I'm not looking to fully replace the navigation menu or use images for the links, I simply want to change the words used in the default navigation bar. How would I go about doing this?


  • thaen
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    This isn't necessarily a simple thing to do, but here's one way to do it.  It hides the current words, and then attaches a "css content" to the still visible icon, which is actually a special font.

    .nav-icon.op-icon-dash::after {
    content: " My Dashboard Name"

    .nav-icon.icon-openbook-02::after {
    content: " My Secrets Name"

    /* Add other menu item names here */

    .campaign-dashboard-layout #dashboard-main-nav ul li .nav-icon {
    width: 100%;
    font-size: 15px;

    .campaign-dashboard-layout #dashboard-main-nav ul li .nav-text {
    display: none;


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  • Conan_Lybarian
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    This is my go to. I can post the dashboard too- it's pretty similar. Just change the names to what you want

    #campaign-nav .nav-text {font-size:0;}

    #campaign-nav .secrets a:after {content:"Secrets";}

    #campaign-nav .dashboard a:after {content:"Dash";} 

    #campaign-nav .adventure-log a:after {content:"Fights";} 

    #campaign-nav .wiki a:after {content:"Rules";} 

    #campaign-nav .characters a:after {content:"Combatants";}

    #campaign-nav .forum a:after{content:"FFL Forum";}

    #campaign-nav .public-forum a:after{content:"FFL Forum";}

    #campaign-nav .calendar a:after {content:"Schedule";}

    #campaign-nav .settings a:after {content:"Settings";}

    #campaign-nav .front-page a:after {content:"FFL";}

    #campaign-nav .maps a:after {content:"Play Books";}

    #campaign-nav .items a:after {content:"Supplies";}

    #campaign-nav .file-docker a:after {content:"The Gallery";}

  • tommy19
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    Thank you both for the replies! I went with Conan_Lybarian's because it was simple and did exactly what I wanted. But I really appreciate both suggestions!

  • Conan_Lybarian
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    No problem @tommy19! Also, if you want the dashboard/back end to match, use the same script, but replace  #campaign-nav with #dashboard-main-nav

  • tommy19
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    @Conan_Lybarian Thank you. I might just do that! :)

  • Abersade
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    You can use the following code to customize the images shown to the left of the titles as well:

    .op-icon-dash {content: url("your image here");}
    .icon-home {content: url("your image here");}
    .op-icon-forum {content: url("your image here");}
    .icon-calendar-empty {content: url("your image here");}
    .op-icon-page {content: url("your image here");}
    .op-icon-image-embed {content: url("your image here");}
    .op-icon-book-wiki {content: url("your image here");}
    .op-icon-characters {content: url("your image here");}
    .op-icon-backpack {content: url("your image here");}
    .op-icon-map {content: url("your image here");}

    Interestingly the code above for .op-icon-forum also changes the image shown for the Stream.

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  • thaen
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    In case someone comes across this in the future, there is now a Custom Navigation area in the Advanced tab that will also support all of this.  You can use the Insert Sample button to get HTML to duplicate the default navigation and then change only the parts you want, like the words, or the icons.

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  • twiggyleaf
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