Banner Never Fits


Trying to set up a banner for the OP I'm making. But no matter what size I make the thing, the edges are always cut off. Halp?


  • HumAnnoyd
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    For best results, the banner image should be 994px wide x 199px high.

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  • cgregory
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    The actual banner size is can vary depending on what your max width is set to but it use the ratio of 4.99px wide x 1px high that HumAnnoyd mentioned by default.

    If you use a different sized banner then you need to modify your CSS to accommodate it.

    For example in my Fangs of War campaign the banner is wider than the suggested size so I contain it and add a padding.

    .cover-container {

        background-size: contain;

        background-repeat: no-repeat;


    #banner-container .campaign-banner-image {
    padding-bottom: 10%;

    by default the banner css is set to

    .cover-container {

        background-position: center center;

        background-size: cover;


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