Savage Worlds, Looking for Input

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  • Kroy
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    Hey guys, I'm a guy who's played all kinds of systems. Mostly, I've fallen back to D20 stuff, DND, and several of White Wolf's old systems. I've heard lots of good things about Savage Worlds and just wanted to hear from some players and GMs who use it to get their take.

    Here's my deal, I love a good fantasy tale, and so usually that ends up being DND but I get really sick of all the rule lawyering and bookkeeping that comes with it, to say nothing of all the supplemental material that starts pouring out after they print a new edition. That's one of the reasons I gravitated to some of the White Wolf ST systems. I really like that their stats and skills are much more generalized and rely on more raw adjudication than specific powers and spells doing very specific things.

    At the other end of the spectrum I've also had a ton of fun playing Rolemaster (old 2nd edition) if anyone is familiar with that it's quite a handful and very deep and complex but I found it to be rewarding. I guess I'm looking for something that hits on all those notes. The perfect system!

    Anyway, Go.
  • RobJustice
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    Shameless Plug to follow!

    We did a review episode about Savage Worlds not to long ago, it pretty much sums up our feelings on the system. You could give that a listen:
  • Kroy
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    Thanks, will do!
  • MythicParty
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    Hey Kroy.

    To start with, there's no single perfect system. Different ones have different positives/negatives. Some days I feel like playing WFRP, some days I don't. WHO you play with also has as much of an impact as what you're playing. With the right group, even a 'beer & pretzels' boardgame is fun.

    But you want to know about Savage Worlds.

    I love Savage Worlds for a number of reasons (Edges/Hindrances that develop a character, 'exploding dice', tons of settings, etc.) but $9.99 to get an Explorer's Edition (that also qualifies for free shipping via Amazon) makes it easy to see for yourself. Here are a number of setting conversions:
    Everything from StarGate to WarCraft to FireFly to Vampire to 1st Ed D&D.

    Even if you think you might never play a certain setting, how cool is it to know the rules to be able to play any genre? I myself was never that into Supers games, but low & behold am having an absolute blast playing in a Necessary Evil campaign; all the superheroes of the world were destroyed by aliens, so the super villains are now the only real resistance!

    However, to start with fantasy you can't go wrong with Talisman Studios, Shaintar: Immortal Legends
    RPGnet review of which is here:
    And video review here:
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