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And how does one escalation an issue Obsidian Portal to a supervisor or manager?

Is this where Obsidian Portal customer service has escalated to? Nothing in the deleted posts did I see where they broke the new OP Community Forum Rules. All I'm now seeing is OPSupport deleting posts that have legitimate questions, which doesn't bode well for the reflection of customer service I would think they want to show now under their new management. Even other gaming sites (i.e. Blizzard/Activision) allows their customers to voice their displeasure as long as it's done constructively. And even when it's needed to moderate a discussion, there is a moderator post in that infracted discussion indicating what was done (i.e. "Removed insulting remarks against OP user. Please keep discussion constructive."); not deleted outright.

Looking forward to a meaningful and helpful response. Thank you.


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    This comes all the way from the top. Everyone here is fully aligned and on the same page. If you are not happy with the new community forum rules, and think you are a tenured sacred cow relative to the tens of thousands of other users on this site, then OP may not be the place for that individual moving forward. There is no escalation process. If you want to put pen to paper and find a gentler ear in regards to gaming forum moderation policies, I would suggest escalating to one of the new presidential hopefuls, I hear they are going to solve everyone's problems.

    The forum rules have been clearly posted. As several folks learned recently there is also no circumventing moderation. If any posts are not directly gaming related, if users are knowingly playing games and inciting drama/problems, they and/or their owners will be restricted and/or removed from this site. No pithy remarks. No other threads about it. That's it. For the vast majority of users which may well have fully legitimate technical or account inquiries, feature requests, relevant feedback- sure, please send mail to the [email protected] alias and we will be more than happy to work to get your issue serviced as quickly as possible. A new automated support system has been put in place. The team is fully committed to making OP better.
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