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  • Bookscorpion
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    Bookscorpion - it's a real animal (and there may be one in your house at this moment, just sayin', but they're harmless), I like weird animals and I am a librarian. I also used to have a book scorpion (Chelifer cancroides) as a pet for some time, which is when I started to use that username.

    "Shadowrun: The Rat's Nest":

    Shadowrun: The Rat's Nest - COTM  November 2014

  • saethone
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    I started playing D&D in high school. In D&D 2e there was a computer program for char generation (core rules 2.0?) and it had a name generator. Saeth was the randomly generated name of my first character (elf mage). When I signed up for a forum some years later, I wanted to use saeth as my username. It was taken. So i added a 1. Since then i've been saethone.

    "Age of the Dragons":
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