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Hey all, thanks for stopping by!

I have just started creating a sci-fi campaign using Pathfinder rules. I am sure there are tabletops out there that are more suited for sci-fi campaigns, but we have a few newer players that don't want to have to learn new dynamics each time. This is fine by me, because it means I get to invent many new things! I have selected a GIGANTIC space to play on (the Milky Way and surrounding galaxies) and, of course, it is a massive undertaking. I am really excited to get started, though I have a sneaky suspicion that my players will immediately jet towards the furthest reaches of the galaxy where I haven't created yet!

I was most impressed by the Wiki pages that you can create; it is very powerful. I am able to create new links with ease, and with HTML capabilities I can do almost anything I need to! I am really liking the layout involved, and I think it will give my players free reign to look over any planets and information that they have previously missed.

Anyway, I am slowly working on my campaign. It will probably go live in about two weeks or so, so I am working very hard to get high priority items out of the way first, like ship dynamics and the extra classes that I have added. Here is the link to my page, if anyone is interested:


I hope to get to know you guys, and I will probably be poking around and stealing ideas for my page!


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    Welcome to the community, I think you will have a good time here. If you end up with any questions, don't hesitate to pop in here and ask, there is a lot of insight here in the community and folks like to share that knowledge.

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    Hi Aericks

    Welcome to the forums. The main pic on your front page looks great!
    As for players zooming out to parts you haven't yet completed, I would suggest you set up some kind of barrier/flight limit (for now) that restricts them to carrying out their adventures in the parts you HAVE completed. Much better to have some kind of solid reason than to just say: "um...., I haven't done that bit yet!"

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    Hey, twiggyleaf, that is a great idea! I was actually planning on having their warp drive destroyed, so travel would be difficult. After that, I will have to come up with more reasons to say no! Thanks!
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    Welcome, Aericks!

    If you'd like to save yourself some time and effort, there are some really well-done galactic maps out there you could totally "borrow" for your campaign.

    "The Traveller Map":http://travellermap.com/

    "The Star Wars Galactic Map":http://www.swgalaxymap.com/

    "The Battletech Inner Sphere Galactic Map":http://battletech.rpg.hu/dynmech/planets/ismap_standalone.php?era_id=5&id=1943 - this one's slow-loading, but it calculates and shows you the shortest jump routes from system to system!

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

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    Hi Aericks, I'm guessing you are using the "Technology Guide":http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/technologyGuide/equipmentIntroduction.html for your sci-fi rules? If you are using those, I be interested in hearing how you are finding them. If you aren't using them, they might be a additional source of inspiration.

    You may also wish to look at the pathfinder module "Rasputin Must Die":http://paizo.com/products/btpy8wbv?Pathfinder-Adventure-Path-71-Rasputin-Must-Die . It introduces 20th century weaponry and a mechanic to deal with platoons (and larger) of soldiers without getting bogged down. Basically it treats them like a swarm, but with some additional attack rules to simulate 20th century weaponry capabilities (autofire, grenades, suppression fire, etc) which could easily be used as future weaponry.

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    Another thought I had was for ship to ship combat, you might find the 3rd party ship based combat system "Fire As She Bears":http://paizo.com/products/btpy8yfr?Razor-Coast-Fire-as-She-Bears as a nice starting starting point for a starship combat rules system. I've found it to be great for traditional ship based campaigns, obviously you need modify it for star ship combat, but considering it includes rules for engines the modifications may not need to be very extensive.

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    Welcome to the site. I cannot say I have anything to give you as I've not run a sci-fi game (yet). I have played in one in the Stars Without Number system. It does sound like a massive undertaking, but that can be fun. I guess I'd just say be careful of burning out unless you're the type to not get burned out easily. If the players do run away from locales you've populated with certain things they never saw, then who's to say you can't thieve some of those place's elements for use in wherever they end up. That could potentially be interesting I figure. There's also the part about whether this is a ship-based endeavor for the most part or if the setting does shift to exotic worlds or different worlds. Hmm, maybe create general purpose factions for use in different areas. Regardless of what you do I hope you have fun!
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    welcome :)

    on the topic of ship to ship - i can recommend an "old game":https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Full_Thrust
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