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Hey folks, I’m a game designer and I’m looking for test users for a living world system! Wayscape (wayscape.net) is a web-based map tool designed to bring different parties together in a living campaign (what we’re calling Massively Multiplayer Online Pen & Paper roleplaying). This map is shared between multiple playgroups, a roleplaying environment that can grow over time, driven by collaboration between users. We want this to be an ADDITIONAL resource—something GMs can use while running their campaigns using Obsidian Portal—allowing players to leave their mark on the world.

Our flagship campaign setting, Shrouded Isles (wayscape.net/codex), is inspired by Celtic folklore and faerie tales. It’s a mysterious world of dangerous creatures, powerful relics, and dark illusions. We’re looking for players and Gamemasters at any level of experience to run campaigns using Wayscape and help test our prototype. We would like test users to be familiar with the D&D 5th edition ruleset if possible, although we plan to support other systems in the future.

Please contact us at [email protected] to get involved!


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    This should probably be moved to Classifieds as opposed to Site Announcements. Regardless, I am gonna check out your site and see what is what on this, sounds interesting.

    *EDIT:* Looking over your site I see that it requires login for most stuff (make sense), but you do not have HTTPS running on your registration or login. This means password information is being passed to your server unencrypted, and that is something I personally wouldn't want to mess about with. My major recommendation is to get SSL setup and secure at least your Registration and Login pages under HTTPS (may also want to consider any kind of edit account page as well since this will likely have an area for a user to update a password). Once that is in place I will likely start to dig in a little further and see what this is all about and how you have it setup.

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    Thanks for the suggestion, that's certainly something to look into. The issue might be that the map page is using the Unity Web player, I'll have to do some research and see if it can be configured to use HTTPS. Either way you should be able to click "Spectate" to view the world map without logging in. The site is still very much in development (it's a student project), so please excuse things that are a bit rough around the edges.
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    Not a problem at all, and yea I did notice you can at least peek around without an account (which is a very good idea I might add). Neat that it is being done as a student project too, very cool.
  • moonstrous
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    Just wanted to follow up with an update here. We just pushed a major new build for Wayscape and we're still looking to expand our playtest. If that strikes your fancy, come check us out! We always welcome new feedback.
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