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  • Wolvyn
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    First off I want to thank the creator of this site for all the hard work that went into it and keeping it up and running. I just found this place tonight from a post made by someone whos name i dont remember.. sorry i cant give you credit. their campaign was called epic adventures on the dnd forums.

    I have been a player of D&D all versions and countless other RPG (mmo's as well) for over 21 years now.

    I have however only been a DM for 3 years. I am currently running a hodge-podge mix of 1-2-2.5-3-3.5-Earthdawn-Rifts-heros-and a few others i dont exactly recall offhand.

    I initially started off with a homebrew system used with permission from my former DM back when I lived in Milwaukee a few years ago. But as I was going just from memory on the rules (lost the notebooks i copied everything into in the move back here and 2 since ive been here) ive changed a bit so it probally dont resemble John's game too much.

    Reguardless feel free to look through it the link is down below. We generally play late night on weds after the normal 2e game is over we wait bout 30 minutes to unwind then kick into this or the 4e version set 5000yrs pervious to the Larrosia adventures.

    I have 2 full time players and 1 part time and 1 quasipart time player.

    My full time players are both the Prince's within the below link, will edit in the non-fluff stuff and modify the levels once i take their character sheets after this weeks game.

    My part time player is only there once or twice a month, but was there at the end of 6 month long dungeon crawl thru Zeligar's Fortress when the party decided to eat a magical stone that had a 1% chance to make them into half-dragons..

    Of course all three players rolled a 23 (which is the number i use for a 1% chance as thats my birthday so i consider it luckier then 1)

    The quasi part time player lives in the house where i run the adventures. She has played AD&D once before but had a horriable experance with it. She generally sits down there with the guys and just kinda listens in. One day she asked me if she could own a tavern that the party goes to now and then just so she could roleplay a bit now and then. I have been good friends with her sister for about 15 years now so ive know the quasi part time player since she was around 9 or so..

    **Gasp** This will be my first time actually looking in detail at their character sheets since i helped them make the characters.

    You will notice as I type up more of the specifics that I use a rather high powered world with the 2 full time and 1 part time character being dragons and not whelps at that, alot of magic, and more money then the players could ever spend in a standard campaign.

    This set of adventures started off as a was going to be a month long trial of me DMing as its been about 10 years, since I was in the Navy, since i last ran a campaign.. mostly to give us an excuse to keep playing after the other 2e guys went home/to sleep. It has since blossomed into a campaign that the players all love, even though it took a bit to get them used to the system after a few adventures they got it down pat.


    Little more about me. OOC
    I am 30m. disabled vet, former navy served onboard both subs and an oiler as well as shore security.

    I serve as an Elder for an Online gaming guild called "The Sundered Guard" (www.thesunderedguard.com) we play or beta test most every MMORPG on the market, currently our active chapters are EQ2, WOW, AoC, VG & EVE-Online. I go by the same name there, as well as wolfhart and klokk for storytelling purposes.

    I am a Knight of Columbus with my local council here I serve as Outside Door Guard, which is the first rank of the officers. Next month I am up for my 4th Degree so I can then serve as I did in the navy in the Funeral Detail and pay last respects to fallen men and women.

    Currently I am going to school to finish up my AA:liberal arts degree then plow through 2 BS degrees in History/Religious studies or Philosphy. Then enter into the Francisian Order and get my Doctorate of Divinity and become Ordained as a Catholic Prist.

    Thats enough for now. Thanks again to the creator of this site for everything, I most greatly appriceate it.

    Any comments/suggestions/ideas/whatever reguarding the campaign or anything drop me a mail or comment here or on the campaign site.

  • Wolvyn
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    Geeze thats a wall of words for an intro. I also tend to ramble a bit.

    Short version.

    Hi I'm new here as of few hours ago.


    is the current campaign.

    It is a homebrew of many different systems. and some things i just plain made up to make it interesting.

    I have 2 full players, 1 part time, 1 quasi time player

    we plays weds from about 2330 till thrus 300.

    if you live in the Twin Cities of MN and are interested in joining a higher powered game or reading about it check it out.. otherwise just thanks to the creator of this wonderful place.
  • CrazyDE
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    I read all that. :P
    Anyway, I love homebrew stuff, so I'm going to keep track of your campaign.
  • Snargash_Moonclaw
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    While I'm no longer Catholic, nor even Christian, Franciscans are cool. (The Loretto Sisters also have a warm place in my heart for giving the Jesuits a well deserved public spanking over the (now Teikyo) Lorreto Heights College sale. The idea of a Catholic priest DMing D&D definitely suits my views of how reality should be. (Along with the fact that the Archbishop of Denver is a Fransican and Native American who has also sponsored traditional Vision Quests, and done one himself, as well as praying with the Sacred Pipe.) How will you reconcile the book (and other) requirements with the vow of poverty?
  • Wolvyn
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    What books? :) I use a homebrew world baised on a little of every system ive played in and alot of the books ive read over the years. far as npcs a simple notebook would do for them.. or a white/black board for adventures.
    Dice.. are not really needed.

    So in effect all i need a something to write on and with. If i am stationed at a parish, i will have a computer i need to use for church related things with a word doc on it as well as notebooks and pens or penciles.

    even though a priest is poor, they stil have to be able to write or type things. like figuring out what to say after the Readings. :)

    That and i will be stopping all the online games and will more then likely stop playing or running games until i can find time for it. if im stationed in a monistary or shrine somewheres ill simply stop as well. Or more then likely create a few hard copies of the world tales and pass it on to a few of my PC's to use if they want for a setting down the road when they end up dming. And of course anything posted on the web by me is free to quote, borrow, take, whatever with for anyone that wants.. So long the portal here is around Larossia is available.
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