Question: As a "viewer" of games, what do you look for?

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Hey all. Just a general question from a user that has been around for a while but not active on the forums.

When you visit a wiki, what do you look for? Is it GM content, page looks, player involvement, game subject or anything else?
Specifically for player journals is it form or function. In our game we have a few very creative players making a fun look for their journals along with great content and a few that use the basic formatting but also have great content.

I am currently a player in what looks like a pretty active game and while the GM does the lions share of the work, as is always the case, I try to keep up my end with a good journal. We have 6 players and 5 of us keep our journals updated regularly and the GM is constantly keeping up the site, with player and viewer suggestions.

Thanks in advance and have fun gaming.

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  • GamingMegaverse
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    I look for page look and player involvement. I know that player involvement is rare, so I really pay attention when the players are involved.
    Your campaign is in my top 25 in my profile- it is a great campaign!
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    Just trying to help out.

  • arsheesh
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    I'm not going to lie, I look at the pretty pictures and fancy schmancy coding. Course a big part of the reason for that is that these days I rarely have time to go beyond these, well, shall we say superficial, details. I used to really enjoy reading the adventure logs of campaigns I admired though (still have my favorites that I check in on from time to time). So that's one thing to think about.

  • madartiste
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    I go by look first, I have to say. And then ease of navigation and whether it's fun to dig through the page. In all honesty, I like websites to feel like something of a treasure hunt -- in that there's a discovery around every corner. After that is content (good story and writing, neat characters and environment) and participation by the players.
    In other words, if it's got enough polish to catch my eye, I'll take a look around. If it's actually fun to look at, then I'll dig in and spend some time there. Like Arsheesh, my time has gotten more limited than it used to be and I don't usually have extended periods that I can spend doing one thing. If it's worth the time, though, I'll keep coming back. :)
  • SqueeEGA
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    I do like a nice looking page, and encountered a very interactive of the map of Khorvaire where you could click on a country and it take you to the page for said country, but for the most part I'm more inclined to story. I love a good adventure log, but also good player contribution whether it be character bio's, journals, or, as we've been doing, bonus world development embedded into the adventure logs. Needless to say what I like is more than a static page for reference for the players, but something that evolves as the campaign progresses. The best I had seen was Lodestar b/c of the out of game RPing on the page's forums. Going to town to sell treasure was done there instead of in game. Saves a bunch of in game time, and has so much more flavor for those coming to visit the page. It'd be nice if the rest of the players in my game had the time or the motivation to do something like that. But, like I said earlier, what I want to see more than anything is a well developed story.

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  • GamingMegaverse
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    Lodestar was Play by Post....

    Just trying to help out.

  • Irky
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    Hey All,
    Thanks a bunch for your input. It looks like something shiny grabs the attention and then the content keeps it, for the most part. I have been doing my journal as one block of text. Maybe I need to look at some of the other journals that our party is doing and make mine look as good as theirs. Then hopefully the content keeps yall coming back, hehe.
    Thanks and enjoy your gaming =D

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  • RedStorm2013
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    Well, mostly, I look for systems I am familiar with (D&D, GURPS, Deadlands) or IPs I am familiar with (Firefly, Dresden Files, Star Trek).

    Then, it has to have a good presentation to catch my attention.

    Once my attention is caught, then I read through the content - player and GM alike

    If it is all good quality, it goes on my favorites

    Red Storm
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