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Hello I am new to Obsidian Portal and am looking to really dive into this head first. Began a chatroom based game over at Palladium Books chatrooms this past Tuesday. I think it could have legs to go on for awhile and want my page here to be the place for my players to get all their special information.

I've been browsing some of the other campaigns on the site and some look great and seem really efficient. Others not to much but are more popular and such. Does anyone have any great examples of any that are very efficient? Still trying to figure out how I want to lay mine out. So if you know of any good examples please post them here.

Look forward to getting to know some of you on these forums.

Lee (Juce734)


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    Welcome to the Portal Juce734! Define efficiency for you... Are you looking for clean with little art, or organization, or something else?
    Always great to have another Palladium gm on the forums!
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    Just trying to help out.

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    Efficiency for me has some art to make it look nice. It is well organized so everything is easy to find. Has enough information about the setting, locations, game log, player characters, and npc information.

    Happy to be here on the website. It looks like a fantastic tool for gamers.
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    Hi Juce734

    Welcome to the Portal. I'm sure you will find this place an ideal platform for all your future campaign work.
    As for checking out sites for ideas, you could start off with any of the Campaign of the Month winners. "See here.":

    Saying that, there are so many excellent sites here, you'd be as well just to take potshots and have a good look around.
    Happy scribbling!

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  • Juce734
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    So far I am really enjoying my time on this website. Have had a lot of fun working on my page and viewing others. There is a lot of amazing work and effort put into the pages on this site. Been promoting this site to other gamers very often too because of the great tool it can be.

    I've been able to get a lot of the basics down on my page. I think I've organized it well so far and now I need to flesh out the different pages. Haven't got any pictures or banners on the page since I can't make them. Does anyone on this site do requests for people?
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    "here is the link to your campaign":

    looks good so far
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