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I noticed along time ago that when you click to organize campaigns by the most popular that many campaigns that have fewer fans score as more popular.

For example The Nemedian Chronicles has 99 fans but is listed higher than Tales of Darkmoon Vale which has 104 fans.

This pattern is repeated many times.

Does anyone know why this is?


  • arsheesh
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    Search me. Here's my none-to-scentific hypothesis though: popularity might be a measure of the overall amount of people who have added the campaign to their favorites list at one time or another, rather than a measure of how many fans the site currently has. See, you can always remove a previously favorited site from your fan list. So you can end up with a situation where a site may have received say 105 fans over its lifespan, but currently only has 99 due to fan attrition, leading to 6 "phantom fans" to make up the difference in the popularity index. Any other half baked hypotheses out there?

  • TheMazeController
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    Total visits?
  • Black_Vulmea
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    bq. Here
  • GamingMegaverse
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    Ok Steve... You either talked to Jerry or Micah, they saw this thread, or it just miraculously fixed itself... However it happened- thanks!
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    Just trying to help out.

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