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I'm not sure if I've posted this before, but I just wanted to share what I use in my campaign for monster tokens on the battle maps.

They are essentially pictures taken from all the published material and almost any other fantasy art I could get my hands on. I simply take away some of the background, to get a nice clean and white look. After that I shrink it down and put it into a nice 1x1 inch square. I take a full sheet to Staples, print it off and then I glue them to card stock and cut them out.


If people are interested I'll upload all 20 pages of them. I've printed multiples, so I have thousands of different monsters. Also, I have a second sheet that goes on the back of the counters which has their name on it.

If I've already posted this, I apologize. I have a bad memory.


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  • twiggyleaf
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    Thanks for your pics. In our campaign we tend to use D&D Plastic Minis for the monsters. Sometimes we don't have the right one, but as long as it is the same size, it usually does fine. If we don't have the right mini, I usually print off a picture as a PLAYER AID to hold up or pass around.


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  • floridafayboy
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    I play just like Twiggy,
    I play in a SW Saga game and we use figs from wizard. If we don't have the figure my DM just shows a picture on his monitor for us and uses a similar sized figure in it's place.

    I don't use figures for my D&D Campaign, which I prefer, but I think Star Wars being closer to 4th edition needs them. What works best for your group is always what IS best!

  • BrokenClock
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    I love using counters/figures. I find it blends my two favorite worlds (strategy and roleplaying). Combat in AD&D always felt like a hassle, like something you wanted to end so you could get back to the fun stuff. With battle maps, figures and tighter battle rules, it really fells like it has some strategic depth.
  • floridafayboy
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    if you were in my D&D campaign, you wouldn't miss the figures... I can assure you! One of my players is a 10+ year veteran of figure games like warhammer and he loves the way we play.
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