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I know this must have come up sometime in the past; but I can re-request this again:
Character sheet for Star Wars Saga Edition campaigns would be AWESOME! Im working on a campaign where ppl can drop in and out consistantly without affecting campaign too badly and a quicker way to create characters with the same style of character sheets would be great.
Im trying to come up with a CSS for it but i SUCK so bad with dreamweaver (should have paid attention in class =P) and textile format seems tedious to say the least for each person to do...

Anyhow, it would be a big help and may help ppl to start playing that system on this site again.


  • Chomsky2
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    I agree nobody plays it anymore since it was cancled
  • floridafayboy
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    There's a really good Excel spread sheet my DM found and has since enhanced and fixed. It has all 15 books and most of the erata inside. It's about 95% perfect. Very few missing features and plenty of over-ride fields or custom fields. If anyone wants it just PM me your email address. It does have Macro's so it may show up as dangerous to an AV program. Also on the first page, always click CLEAR ALL/RESET ALL before beginning a character construction.

    It has a couple of different print layouts. I gotta say it's the best character Generation sheet I've ever had/used across all the games I've played.

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