Congrats Duskreign!

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Congrats Dusk!!! Wyrmshadow is an outstanding campaign (setting), and although there were other amazing campaigns featured this past year, I'm really glad yours took the 2010 featured slot.



  • Duskreign
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    Once the tears stop rolling, and I start breathing again, I will be able to thank you, Gaaran, Rase, Sandman, Jim, and everyone else whose friendship and support carried me toward this. I am totally blown away.
  • zacharythefirst
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    Wow! Congrats!
  • DarkMagus
    Posts: 425
    YAY Dusk!!!

    A side note: I still can't believe that they put this to a vote instead of a "pie fight": considering who the contenders were... Just saying. ;P
  • gaaran
    Posts: 740
    Dusk, I have to say congratulations as well! No campaign shows how much work and love being put into it more than yours. I was happy to be in the running, but with competition like yours I wasn't really holding my breath ;).

    Congrats again, you deserve it!
  • twiggyleaf
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    "I met a traveller from an antique land....."

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    Previous CotM Aug 2012: Shimring: High Level Multiplanar Campaign

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  • FrankSirmarco
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    Congrats, Dusk! Couldn't happen to a better campaign. Hard work _does_ pay off from time to time.

    And nice goblet of dice. I'm jealous.
  • Duskreign
    Posts: 1,085 edited January 2011
    OK, guys. It has taken me a while, but I think I can put my thoughts about all this into perspective.

    I don't win things. This isn't something that happens to me. When I heard that Wyrmshadow was being featured in October, my inner child went into cardiac arrest. Just a short year ago, I was barely touching my wiki for fear that all the work it would take, all the time I would have to devote to it, would never be worth the effort. I didn't think anyone would care, or bother to read anything I wrote. I didn't think I was good enough, or that I could produce anything tangibly significant. I had given up.

    Then, Arsheesh reached out to me, told me that he saw more potential in me than I could myself perceive, and encouraged me to make an effort to improve my wiki. He encouraged me to hop into the forums, to embrace the community, and to challenge myself to find newer and better ways to present my ideas through my campaign wiki.

    That was when I met so many of you. Sandman, Successwarrior, Gaaran, JimTriche, DarkMagus, Rase Cidraen, Twiggyleaf, Umami, Poutine, Eve, Dyluth, Gnunn, LadyDM, FemmeLegion, Frank, Curu... the list is so long, I can't possibly name every person who, whether they know it or not, have somehow, in some way, enhanced me. This isn't a victory I can handle, because it is not one I would possibly have received if not for every amazing soul on these forums, for every encouraging word, every funny quip or quirky anecdote, every helpful piece of advice or offer of assistance...

    I can't accept this without you, because I could never have achieved it without you.

    Words can't convey my thanks to all of you, and to Obsidian Portal.


    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
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  • Poutine_Paladin
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    You honor us by your words, actions and attitude around here, and you are (I'm sure) one of the major reasons that this site (OP) is as strong as it is, especially in the forums. Your dedication, not only to your own campaigns/settings, but to helping others with their various questions and quandries, as well as your humor and willingness to engage.

    Congratulations, sir.
  • optimus_mush
    Posts: 28
    Congrats, Dusk

    Well deserved.
  • FemmeLegion
    Posts: 521
    Fangirly SQUEEEEEEE! =)
  • gnunn
    Posts: 423
    Congratulations! Enjoy your tall, frosty dice cocktail! You've put together a gorgeous site.
  • Dyluth
    Posts: 92
    Well my friend, you say you don't win things, then may this be the start of a great streak of recognition and appreciation that you truly deserve! Congratulations and good gaming in 2011!
  • LadyDM
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    I was so pleased to see that all of your hard work was placed into the much-deserved spotlight. You, Duskreign, embody the spirit of this site, both in community - reaching out to other members of obsidian portal - as well as with your exemplary campaign, that many of us can only hope of rising to compare! "Congrats" doesn't even begin to describe how happy I am for you!

    Way to go!
  • Duskreign
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    :D Thanks, guys!
  • SirDrogyn
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    As the only person who has been playing Wyrmshadow as long as Duskreign has, I feel as though I should have voted. Oh well.

    BOO YA!
  • Duskreign
    Posts: 1,085
  • RaseCidraen
    Posts: 890

    A well deserved congratulation to you, ser. I've seen the massive amount of effort that went into the creation of your site, and you well deserve every ounce of recognition you've recieved, nay, even moreso.

  • Everdark
    Posts: 122
    I'm honored to be a player in Wyrmshadow and a friend of Mike's.

    Campaign of the year? F*** YEAH. UH HUH! GET SOME!

  • RaseCidraen
    Posts: 890
    Get some of the Campaign of the year? Where can I sign up? :)
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