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Similar to media wiki base functionality, I am looking to add category pages or category-like functionality off of wiki tags.

For instance, if I wanted to have a list of people related to a town, I would mark their pages with that tag, but also have the list of pages with that tag visible in the page.

Mostly I am trying to eliminate manual entry.



  • weasel0
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    Huh. This one seems to be getting thought about a lot lately. I think this the third time in the last month this has popped up. While OP hasn't had that exact functionality, when they get the Tags fixed, you'll have access to a dynamic page listing all the pages with said tag.

    Hopefully to be be next on the list checked off. I believe it's currently at the top along side emails  as of update #9.

  • auchtor
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    The advantage of the category is basically a "tag" page with context, and perhaps other tags. This allows for tag nesting. For my instance that I am converting from a private mediawiki, I would have Worlds -> Another World -> Trafilgar River -> Dunningford -> Bob

    Each of these would be referential to one another but have descriptions and context, allowing one to navigate seamlessly between them up and down the chain with category or "tag" contexts.

  • Bortas
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    As OP ages, so do our campaigns. As the internet grows and expands, and its users get more proficient so does Obsi... oh wait, no it doesn't.

    Breadcrumb and complex tagging are pretty basic wiki functions now. Obviously they may not have been when OP was new. Its just a sign of an upgrade that is overdue.

    I'm not saying, 'for shame OP!' I'm saying, the rate of tech of the broad wide internet is outpacing OPs updates.


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  • Kallak
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    While it doesn't do much to catch up to the pace of the "broad wide" internet right this second, breadcrumb nav is on the new feature ideas area of the dev board; so hopefully we'll be able to take a few leaps forward in due course.

    All the best,
    - Kallak
  • Bortas
    Posts: 645

    Right, I totally understand. When you are sinking, first you gotta plug holes and bail out. Now that sinking isn't a think, time to make this ship go fast and sleek!


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