Is anyone captaining this ship anymore?


I asked support for help with a simple issue, and even after a recent prompt they have not answered.  Also, when I loaded the forum page, I got a page saying I needed to upgrade Chrome, and was prompted to immediately save a Javascript file.  I canceled the download, then upon further inspection, could see that teh "Download" button went to an entirely non-Chrome related URL... so it looks like someone has hacked the forums here.  All this looks like nobody is at the wheel on this property anymore.  Does anyone know if OP is being maintained/moderated in any way?



  • cgregory
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    No idea, but others have said they haven't heard from support in awhile.

    My guess is their support jobs probably don't pay great so they likely get a fair bit of turnover and as far as i could tell they only employ one support person for multiple sites.


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  • Johnprime
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    @dr_venture , I've gotten the same prompt for Firefox on occasion. I just cancel the download and continue on. I know when I was running my forum, I had a hacker that came in and posted an article that completely hijacked the forum to a different website. I'm guessing it was the hacker's website, but it was such a nasty post that I had to go into the database from the back end to delete the post, would even hijack the site when I was in Admin mode.

    Caused me to change the forum joining rules to be admin approved only!

    But as cgregory says, OP support communication is spotty at best, so I'd say his guess is correct as far as the jobs are concerned.

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  • dr_venture
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    Thank you for the info, gents.  I'm sure sorry how things have turned out with OP.  It's still decent for what it does, but it seems like it's just going to cruise along with no one at the wheel until it's either replaced by something better, or deteriorates into disrepair.  As a backer of the Kickstarter, well... it makes me much more wary of backing stuff like this.

  • B1tF0x
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    Which sucks because id rather play here then Roll20. 


  • Krothos
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    Just FYI...

    I had a billing issue with an expired credit card on my Ascendant membership in the 1st week of July. I sent 2 emails (1 replying to the email notice that my credit card transaction had failed, and 2nd using OP Support webpage). I received an auto-reply from the 1st email that a support ticket was created, but nothing from the 2nd contact. 11 days later and I haven't heard anything from anyone on either ticket.  :(


  • killervp
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    I wish I was surprised.

    Just trying to help out.

  • Jim_Mount
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    They still cash my checks whenever I pay for a month to update Serpents every once in awhile. But oh my god how I'd love to move over to a new site with owner and community support. Fact is: nothing has OP's functionality (especially regarding customization) atm, unsupported and wonky as it is. I looked and even tried a few out after the site went offline the time before last. All leave something to be desired.

    Back up your sites. When this ship sinks, we won't be warned.

  • killervp
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    Good advice Jim Mount- I miss the community, but nothing else...

    Just trying to help out.

  • Basileus
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    A couple months ago I had saved up a decent seed fund and started investigating web development firms (even starting putting together a site map and RFP)... but then I spent the money on something else. :(

    Well, I actually still have most of it, plus a domain I've been sitting on for over a year for the purposes of building a new OP.

    I keep not pulling the trigger on that because I stubbornly (foolishly?) keep hoping that OP will recover. I still have a lot of personal investment in the OP community, even if there's not much activity anymore.

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  • byss66
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    As a web developer, I can tell you anything like OP is going to cost a ton. There's a massive amount of programming involved in this site. I mean, OP themselves took in $86K, and that was to work on top of what they already had. I bet it'd take 3-4 times that to build it with an agency that needed to do it from scratch, and that still wouldn't have all of the features.

  • Basileus
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    It certainly ain't cheap! ;)

    But there are ways to keep costs down. I come from IT myself (although I'm in web and database security), and I've worked with web and app development firms in the past in a professional capacity, so I have a reasonable idea of the costs.

    The point being that this wouldn't be amateur hour - I'm not talking about spending a few thousand on a freelancer to get some half-baked job. This would be a proper incorporated LLC with startup funding.

  • SkidAce
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    Make sure to keep in touch with us.

  • Calion
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    I wonder what it would take just to buy the thing from Kaleidoscope?

  • Kallak
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    Not sure what it would take, but if something like that were to happen, I'd be interested in helping out. I don't know RoR specifically, but I do know Ruby, and I assume I could make the transition to rails with minimal effort.

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  • ketherian
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    Basileus, I'm a Tech writer with 20+ years experience here. If this ever develops, drop me a line. Customer-end documentation, and bug trafficking/maintenance is a specialty of mine. I'd donate time to see this happen. Heck I'd donate time to the existing Powers-that-Be if I knew what they needed.

  • Calion
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    Ditto on the donating of time. I'm a pretty skilled layman in interface design and UX, as well as an excellent troubleshooter, a superb proofreader, and a good writer. I could certainly help with documentation at the very least.

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  • SteveMalins
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    Registrar:, LLC

    I wonder what happens in a little over a year from now?
    They cash the checks for membership, but will the write them still??
  • makotoichijoji
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    I work in software as a project manager/business analyst. I'd be happy to donate my time and help with Obsidian portal. I can do any SDLC and I love working with Devs and QAs. Let's get this party started yo.

  • Basileus
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    Ketherian, I'll send you a PM so we can sync up contact info. It's all sort of on backburner at the moment, but it would be good to have a way to get in touch outside OP's forums (in case of either collapse or somebody does show up and cleans up the thread).

  • SkidAce
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    I could turn the google group I created over to you.  Several old timers are members, but posts are few and far between.

  • Basileus
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    Heh, yeah, forgot about that. Even if its not active right now, its a good way to keep folks in contact if OP goes offline.

  • ikabodo
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    I've recently moved to a mediawiki page. It works surprisingly well with a few extensions.

    I've already adapted 90% of the features from obsidian portal, and added several new functions. The only parts missing currently is a forum (I don't need that, but there are extensions for it) and hidden player-gm pages. 

    Mediawiki is surprisingly powerful, especially with semantic mediawiki added. 

    If obsidian portal ever dies, we should prepare to move the community of world and campagin-builders. 

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  • ReneahofSorn
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    Would be so sad to see it go. I've never found a site that has everything OP has. It would be like going back to dial up to switch to something else now. 

  • killervp
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    Please let me know if anyone starts up anything!  I am a member of the group that SkidAce mentioned as well.

    Just trying to help out.

  • BearerOfTidings
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    Please keep me in the loop on this.  I've got a crap-ton of stuff from multiple campaigns on OP and would like to have a backup plan if it closes.

  • Bladorthin
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    As I understand DST haven't been approved since late last year. I'm also getting quite a few connect errors. Really wish the owners would be upfront with us. Could be temporary, I hope it is, I'm a fan of the site...

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  • Robling
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    As a result of this latest fubar, I've been looking into switching. If you want to know how to lose subscribers... well, this kind of customer service is how.

  • Basileus
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    Just in case these forums (or OP as a whole) go down, the G+ community mentioned above is called Obsidian Retreat (

    Its a pretty small group, and not very active, but that's where this discussion will probably go if these forums go down.

    Anyone should feel free to join the group.

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  • Jim_Mount
    Posts: 162

    So, here I am, trying to get a new campaign organized. Silly me, the site is down again.


    This is unacceptable.

  • Basileus
    Posts: 587

    Given the recent troubles and complete lack of any kind of presence/response, I finally engaged one of the dev firms. Just for a planning.scoping engagement at this point, but started on real action.

    That's the last I'll mention it here, as even if they don't care anymore, I'm uncomfortable using OP to talk about supplanting OP (frankly I expected them to remove my posts if they cared at all anymore). Any further public discussion will take place in the G+ community mentioned above.

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