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    Totally unofficial like, but I hope folks will find this handy.

    Moderator’s note: Totally unofficial…but totally awesome! Thanks for putting this together!


    Floating Nav Bar Guide
    Gnunn’s Interactive Map Guide
    Gnunn’s Simple Button Guide
    Wiki Navigation Box Guide
    Official Dynamic Character Sheet Guide

    Formatting Tools

    ChainsawXIV’s D&D Tools’s DM Tools
    Word to Textile Converter

    Formatting FAQ

    How do I use special characters in the name of a wiki page?
    How can I break up my adventure logs into shorter parts?
    How can I change the font used by text on a wiki page? What fonts are available?
    How do I create a link to a specific section of a wiki page?
    How can I display HTML code on a wiki page or forum post?
    How do I change the position of monsters cards?
    How can I put a background image behind the content of my wiki page?
    How do I use an image I uploaded to Obsidian Portal as a background?
    How can I create indented paragraphs in the text of my wiki pages?
    How can I create block quotes, indented from both sides of my wiki page?
    How can I control the position, size, and characteristics of an image?
    How can I format HTML tables for use on my wiki pages?
    How can I change the color of a link from the default color?
    How can I make text float to the right of the page, beside the normal text?
    How can I add hidden text to my wiki pages?

    Helpful Resource Sites

    The Fantastinomicon
    Shared Creations
    The Gibson Institute
    Stock NPCs
    Compendium of PbP & On-Line Games
    Gaming Music

    Other Helpful Tools

    Jayph’s Language Converter


    Holy moly ChainsawXIV… I’m going to see if I can sticky this.

    EDIT: Stuck. This is a great compilation. Thanks for all the effort ChainsawXIV!

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    I will say that Chain’s own D&D Tools and Wiki Templates served as the jumping off point for my experiments in formatting! I’ll have to peruse these other links to see what I can learn.


    I just wish there was a way that I could tell the whole community at once to check this stuff out. Think of how great it would be if everyone put this much effort into their campaigns.

    Wait! There IS a way!

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    Hey folks,

    In the recent forum migration, some of these links are now dead. We’ll be trying to re-link things as we find it.

    Sorry for the trouble,

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    I was going to go ahead and clean up the busted links after the forum transition, but received this error when I clicked the Edit link for the top post:

    Some problems were encountered
    The requested comment could not be found.

    Edit: I don't receive that error when attempting to edit this new post though. Account association issue maybe?
    Quite possible that it could be a db association issue. Like Micah said, we'll try to clear up the links as soon as possible.
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    Yup yup. Just figured I’d save you guys the trouble if I could.

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    Yeah, I just got the same error when trying to reactivate the link in my sidebar how-to thread. I also noticed that my account tab on the forum does not identify me as having started any threads, so I suspect you guys are on to the cause.
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    @gnunn In the migration, we decided to keep the # of posts, since that could be easily determined, but not the # of topics/discussions. If it’s a big deal to people, we can recalculate it.

    The thing to remember is that we (the OP team) consider the forum a kind of side-line area to the main site. We’d much rather work on improving things on the main site than working on the forum. So, the forum will always probably be a little stark and bare compared to the main site.

    That being said, I’ll see if I can figure out why you guys can’t edit your posts. It’s probably a simple fix.

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    Ok, I made a small change to the settings. Can you edit your posts now?

    It’s tough for me to test this stuff since I have admin powers and can pretty much edit anything…

    I could register a new account w/o admin powers, but that wouldn’t allow me to edit anything that was created in the old forum.


    All fixed up. Thanks Micah!

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    @ Micah,

    The number of topics is not a big deal. I was mostly just pointing it out, because I suspected that the discrepancy might be linked to the errors that popped up when Chain and I tried to edit the initial posts on the threads we started.

    It’s all fixed now for me though! Thanks!


    Just for kicks, I’ve just added the links from this FAQ to the Google Side Wiki for the Help & Tips forum page. Not sure if that will be useful, but thought I’d mention it. The whole Side Wiki thing seems like it could be handy on here.

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    I’m pretty adept at editing wiki but cannot for the life of me figure out how to break up and link my Adventure logs, and upon finding the Question above, I’m afraid there is no answer provided, lol;

    Question: My adventure logs are really long, and the main Adventure Log tab page is huge! How do I break up my logs, so just a short version is seen on the tab, and people can click to read more?
    Answer: The Adventure Log pages have built in support for this feature. Just the following code where you want the brief version to leave off, and the link to read the rest to appear:

    NOTE: If there is text I cannot see it? Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thx in advance…

    Roll On…

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    Sorry about that, the wiki system apparently refuses to show that code properly, no matter what I do, and the new forum does as well, although in a different way. I’ve updated the FAQ entry with instructions that should be more helpful though.

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    Much Thanks, especially for the super fast reply.


    See the edit above. The example I posted there originally got mangled by the forum system, and won’t work. I didn’t expect you to get here and try it before I could make the correction. :p

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    <! – - more – - > (but without the spaces in between) I gotz it to work, I’m use to coding in other languages and my brain gets frazzeled sometimes…

    I'm Designing a 3.5 Epic level campaign, i have been working on a Dragon, very ironic and will most likely piss people off, but its a 15th Age cat. Advanced Paragon Great White Wyrm of Legends, i need help coming up with an epic epic name for it he is the leader of the Dragon Council, i might be posting Campign Info on my account once its up im still deciding, But if anyone can help with a name that would be great
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    I like this draconic language translator. Simply think up something that sounds ominous in English and type it in. (e.g. “everybody dies” = “Fronnol Loreatic”)

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    Very awesome guides and templates. I already love this community.

    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2010

    ChainsawXIV – loved the templates and examples! I grabbed a few to use for mine – great work!


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    I posted this on another thread but I think it would be better to post it here too since this is a sticky one and it will reach more people this way:

    I just realized there’s a really simple way to add links to your own campaign (or whatever you want to link to), in the forum profile.

    After logging in (the forums), go to the Account tab, then to Personal Information, and there you can add custom infomation. For example:

    • Label: My Campaign
    • Value: your campaign’s url

    You can check my profile to see what it looks like (just click on my name).

    Even though this doesn’t help when you want to check someone else’s site (at least for now), it will help when other people want to check yours. If we are lucky, most people will take 2 minutes of their lives to add this info, and soon we will all be able to use forum’s profiles to access each other’s campaigns without having to look for it in the Search box. It’s also a good way to promote your site!

    Here’s the original thread in case you want to read it: Link to OP’s user Profile from forums

    Just a quick, probably easy fix. How do I get OP to stop sending all updates on forum posts to my email account. Any time I spend any time on the forums, I have to go clean out my inbox. Probably just a box I have to check or something, but somebody tell me please.

    Click on the account tab at the top of the forums, then the notification link at the top of the left column. You should find the settings you’re looking for there.

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    Main post has been updated with the latest links and tips. Please let me know if I missed anything. Incidentally, the additional descriptions have been removed from the template, guide, and tool links because the post hit its character count limit. If folks feel that any of the link text is unclear, let me know about that too.

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    Some thoughts (I’m a web developer by trade):

    Question #2: How can I break up my adventure logs into shorter parts?

    You can display the angle brackets in the example using HTML entities.


    Question #3: How can I change the font used by text on a wiki page? What fonts are available?

    Note that if you choose a Windows font, it’s likely not to show up on non-Windows systems. However, most Macs these days recognize the common Windows fonts. This site lists fonts that are commonly available on Windows and MacOS. You can drop a list of fonts separated by commas into the style though and there are special web “key words” that indicate generic families of fonts as a fallback. See below for a fallback to “sans-serif.”

    Also the SPAN tag may be better than the DIV tag. DIV creates a new paragraph where SPAN creates a new inline section of text. Either will work, but use the one you need for the right purpose.

    <span style="font-family: 'Gill Sans', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;">This text will be in some kind of sans-serif font.</span>

    Question #5: How can I display HTML code on a wiki page or forum post?

    Try replacing the special HTML characters with their HTML entity equivalents.

    Also, the == Textile code should let you bypass the Textile parser.

    Question #15: How can I add hidden text to my wiki pages?

    Using p(hide) or class=“hidden” will still send the text to the browser. Anyone can View Source on the web page and see this text if they really want to. If you have technically savvy players, do not trust your secrets to “security by obscurity.”

    There is currently no way to totally hide text from the browser (except to put it in your GM section).

    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2010 edited

    Howdy Adam, thanks for your feedback. There are good reasons for most of those apparent anomalies, but I’ve updated where applicable.

    Question 2
    The code is displayed in a pre tag, which prevents entity references from being parsed down to the client level (the server actually converts the ampersands into entity references themselves, which porks the whole deal). If memory serves, not having it in pre tags causes other issues.

    Question 3
    A note has been added about using spans, but the div tags were chosen because the goal was to format the whole page, and common block elements are illegal within a span. Adding default fonts was excluded for simplicity’s sake, and is explained in the second link there (the first being to the same font list you linked above).

    Question 5
    As previously noted, entity references don’t work inside pre tags. Really, the stuff that goes up on the wiki gets parsed and re-parsed so many times that there are some things it’s just a pain to do. The thing was never meant to display code, really, so it has some problems there.

    Question 15
    You’re absolutely correct that players who want to dig into the source will be able to read things hidden in the way described, and I’ve updated the entry to note this. The original question was in terms of making comments in code and such, since textile doesn’t allow for HTML comments.

    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2010

    I’m probably going to blush in shame over this, but being the AWESOME programmer I am <insert=laughter> I need the help. For some reason my side-bar will not leave the Wiki pane.

    Edit: Let’s add my page shall we?

    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2010 edited

    Looks like you got the help you needed in the other thread, but just for the record (and anyone with a similar problem who looks here in the future), the issue was copy and pasting from the forums or a PDF file. The quotes in the code were automatically converted to “smart quotes” – curly or slanted quotation marks, like the one’s you see on the phrase itself a few words back. Unfortunately the code doesn’t like that, so they they had to be replaced with their more mundane counterparts.

    A note on coloring links - if most of your links are wiki links, and then a few aren't, you can just make the non-wiki links look like the wiki links this way:

    <a href="" class="wiki-page-link">Google!</a>

    This will style them the same as the wiki links, so if you're making a list of links, your custom ones won't stand out like a sore thumb, and you don't have to hard code the way they look, in case OP ever changes their style.

    One more - to disable textile formatting for a section of text, surround it with ==, like this:
    ==*This text will not be bold*==
    • CommentTimeDec 29th 2010
    Thanks for this, it answered my question before having to open my mouth!
    Will look to play around with some the other stuff more later.
    I am not a programmer. I am understanding much of what is going on, but #2 is perplexing me. I spent too much time trying to figure it out. I found a way to link to the Wiki page name, but the stuff below that code does not disappear, just the link shows up between lines of text. I am anticipating a lot of logging, so would love to use this tool, but I am too behind the times to understand how it works. If someone could give me a detailed instruction, or email me a copy of the correct code and an example, that would be cool. That is how I learn things. Sorry to be a pain.
    • CommentTimeJan 18th 2011 edited

    No problem at all – that one can be a bit confusing since I can’t actually post the correct code on the wiki or the forums without it doing funky stuff (the wiki won’t display it at all, and the forums convert the double-dashes into a single n-dash character, invalidating the code). Two common misunderstandings I can clear up that may help you (let me know if it doesn’t, and we can try and figure out what’s going wrong in your particular case):

    1. The special tag only works in adventure log posts. It does not work in regular wiki pages at all.

    2. The code should be on its own line, and contain absolutely no spaces, and be contained in < > brackets, not ( ) parenthesis.

    I am an idiot. I was doing it right all the time. When you finish editing the log, it dumps you out onto the log entry, not the Adventure Log page. I was just looking in the wrong place. Thanks.

    Ah, I should have thought of that – I’ve done the same thing.


    Ha! I was doing the same thing.

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    I’m not really sure where to ask this so I’ll just do it here.

    If i bought an ascendant profile, or more likely, tried out the free trial, what happens to all the extra features when it runs out?
    I’m assuming it’s up to the end user to backup everything.


    The features do become inaccessible, but none of your stuff get’s deleted.

    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2011

    Why does the link to this thread always take me to Item 38?


    Most likely because the link you’re following was copied from the address bar when that was the latest post.

    • CommentTimeMay 15th 2011

    Oh. No, I was using the link on the main Forum page, which takes me to the latest post. Well, that’s unhelpful for an FAQ… :)

    • CommentTimeJun 29th 2011
    One thing I'd really love to see is a 4E dynamic template for creating magic item cards, the kind you'll get out of most 4E books these days.
    None of the templates provided really do the trick, and I'm far too inexperienced to design one myself.
    I'm interested in making a sheet, ala DST. Is there a walk through for it? I'm aware of , and I see that it hints at instructions in the dev kit. However, I'm wondering if there is other support avaliable.
    • CommentAuthorOrtheos
    • CommentTimeJul 14th 2011
    Please help!

    I'm moving from GM in one of my weekly games to being a player in the game, with one of my friends taking over GM duties. Is there any way I can transfer ownership of the campaign wiki to him? Make him the GM instead of me? I'm not an ascendant member.
    • CommentTimeJul 19th 2011 edited

    Here’s something I think will be a useful addition to the FAQ: A way to convert Word documents to Textile.

    • CommentTimeJul 21st 2011
    Someone suggested I pass my Settlement Template for PFRPG along.